Linkpage Help

Premium Settings

By purchasing a premium subscription for Linkpage you can unlock extra features that include adding tracking codes, custom CSS and more blocks to your page. Tracking You can add a Facebook Pixel ID and Google Analytics ID to your settings in the linkpage “Premium Settings” section. With these settings you will have access to Custom CSS We offer several different color schemes and fonts for all users, but if you would like to further customize they styles on your linkpage that is possible with a premium subscription.


Theme Files Linkpage will install automatically by creating two files in your theme. These files are the template and the page. Template A custom template is what dictates how your linkpage will look, this is automatically generated by our app and should not be modified. This template is in your theme under templates/page.oost-lb.liquid. Page The page will be created in your Online Shop. You should not edit this page unless you want to delete our app from your store as doing so may stop the app from functioning as expected.